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Dana Biosphere Reserve 

Dana Biosphere Reserve is the largest nature reserve in Jordan, covering over 300 square kilometers and all four different bio-geographical zones of the Kingdom. In the east, elevations reach 1500 meters before descending through canyons and gorges to the low elevations of Wadi Araba. Dana is one of the most biologically and historically rich areas in Jordan.


The area is one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas in the world and boasts Neolithic villages, ancient copper mines, Roman aqueducts and Byzantine churches. The diverse landscapes, wildlife, and cultures offer a micro-paradise for adventurers, history buffs, archaeologists, hikers, and nature lovers.


Perched atop the cliffs of Dana Village, visitors can enjoy panoramic views from Dana Guesthouse, where they may even be able to spot the illusive Nubian Ibex. Another option for accommodation is the Rummana Campsite, set in a rare and exceptionally beautiful location inside the Reserve. On the other side of Dana, where the mountains meet the desert, is the enchanting solar-powered and candlelit Feynan Eco-lodge an award-winning property.


Picture of Dana Nature Reserve 1
Orbanch in Dana
Picture of Dana Nature Reserve 2
Fox in Dana Nature Reserve
Dana Camps
Picture of Dana Nature Reserve 3
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